About The Pot Head

Margaret came to gardening through her mother.

Other than her family, gardening was her mother's greatest passion. She spent countless hours in the backyard of their Raleigh home, on hand and knee, pruning and prodding her plants and flowers to an enormous effect, creating a gorgeous garden that was all her own.

While Margaret inherited her mother's love of gardening, it took Margaret years of trial and error, digging around in her own dirt, to develop a sense of that delicate balance between vision and execution, mother nature and human touch, that makes a garden thrive.

After years of assisting friends and family with their own gardens, Margaret decided to turn her hobby into a business. She loves the challenge of creating an entire landscape within the confines of a pot which is how her business, “The Pot Head," got its name. 

Whether designing a container or a small garden, it seems that her mother’s passion is alive and well in Margaret.